September 8, 2013

  • I’m having a baby!


    A watermelon baby that is.  I think its due date has arrived and I’m soooo excited, Ha.  Went on line to read about how to know when a watermelon is ready to pick and hope that I’ve got it all right.  I patted the melons at the market to see how they sounded and have been patting on this one to see if it sounds the same, Ha, if that even is an indicator.  From what I’ve read about it all several ways of telling if its ready to pick are, the white coloured part of the mellon from where it lies on the ground – when that turns a creamy yellow then that is supposed to tell you that it time to pick it, also there is a curly cue tendril that is up near the mellon and when that gets all dryed out and shriveled that also tells you its ready, and there is supposed to be a little tiny leaf that is near the tendril as well that will be dryed out, although I didn’t see that on this one.  So all in all there are two mellons that have come this far.  There were 3 at one point but when they were small one of the wee ones split open and rotted, : (.  If you’ve never grown watermelons then I will tell you that the vines will take up a LOT of room.  I went to trim back the vine and was disappointed when I found a wee melon forming that I hadn’t seen and it got snipped, dang-it.  So what seems to be the case is the melons tend to form farther away from the vine once it starts spreading out at least that is how it has done on this one.  So today will be the day to see if all the conditions and signs have all been susinct so to speak for it all to be a sweet success : ).

May 28, 2013

  • hodge podge pics

    Here’s a pic of me at the MSWF.  We walked all the way down to the end and the Main Big hall is in the long building you see in the back of me.  This was on sunday and there was still a pretty good crowd.  I’m glad we went on sunday because I’ve always wanted to ask Indgo Hound and Susan at Susan’s Fiber Shop more about the carding combs.  Just so happened that Susan was available and she showed me how to use them and even got me to sit at one of her wheels and spin right off the comb.  I’ve never done that before laughing.  The weather was really nice and not too hot.  Wish I would have been more trigger happy with the camera but maybe next time.  I did have a celeb sighting of Jill Draper who is on Creativebug.  I saw some yarn in a booth right across from Susan’s Fiber Shop and noticed it was some of Jill Drapers yarn.  I was like, Oh – that’s Jill Drapper yarn.  Then I looked up and there she was right across from me and chatting with someone else.  I wanted to say something, Like Oh my blessed skeins almighty, but I got all sheepish and lucky for her I didn’t make a fool of myself about it all.  So next time maybe I’ll be brave enough to introduce myself and see if she will let me get a photo with her.  She offers her yarns (hand dyed) online and she has classes on the Creativebug site.

    The other pic is of some of the violets growing around here.  One of my favorites is the mini violet.  Took the photo with it along side a larger violet to give an idea of its size.  They do well under florescent light and we have them over the sink in the kitchen.  The other larger one is near a window so it gets the filtered light there.  The kitchen doesn’t have a window so it didn’t seem to do well there so I moved it where it would get more light but the little violets love it in the kitchen.  They have little bitty purple flowers and pointy green leaves.  Too cute.  I thought about getting one of those brandy sniffter type of classes and putting one in there like a terrerium with moss and a rock or something.  Hmmmm……….


May 26, 2013

  • Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival : )

    Made it to the MSWF on a last minute whim.  Got a call from a gal I met at a sock knitting class and she wanted to be bop up there for a day and we just decided to go for it.  We both work crazy schedules so the only day we could both go was on sunday.  Her mom came along and we all left before the sun came up that morning and came home when the sun went down.  It made for a long day but was a good time and it was soooo nice to see some of the vendures that I’ve seen in the past.  Susan from Susans fiber shop gave me a lesson on how to use a set of carding combs so now I know how to use them.  I’d like to get a pair at some point and you can spin right off the comb too.  I always say I’m going to take lots of pictures but that just never happens.  There is too much to get involved in and too many people to chat with and its like WOW!  Any way, here’s a pic of something I think is – WAY COOL!  I almost bought this thing, HA.  For those of you who think you have crochet everything here you have it a rock cover/cozy.  I am soooo gonna make one of these.  Would this be considered yarn/thread bombing?  Hmmmm, not sure.  Anyway, isn’t it neat.  Got a few photos but not much.  Couldn’t get my camera to take a pic of this without the flash blurring it out so my friend took the pic and sent it to me from her phone.  THANKS!  I did buy two hanks of yarn, a pattern for a scarf, a batt of yellowy orange fiber to spin and a pattern for a quilt and felting needle.  The quilt pattern shows you how to do felting on a piece of wool material and then you can embellish it with sewing/needlework etc. and use it in a bag, quilt whatever or where ever you imagination takes you.  So if I get around to it I’ll take a pic and share it.  HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND laughing

April 24, 2013

  • Spring is BUSTIN out all over! : )

    We are actually haveing a pretty good spring here.  Its gotten hot then gets cold again which the flowers and plants seem to like when it doesn’t get too hot too soon.  The roses are really lookin good laughing.  When they start to bloom I’ll take some pics of those.  Here’s some pics of the blue stuff that I’m not sure what it is called but I love it.  There was a little patch of it in my moms yard and when I started helping her with her garden I just really liked it.  Not knowing if it was a weed or what I just moved it into an out of the way place in the garden while we did some major makeover in the yard for a year and it just took over and multiplied.  So then I started stickin some here, some there and about the yard and I LOVE IT!  It’s soooooooo purdy and its like a ground cover sort of plant.  So this spring I went and spread it all around the outer edges of the garden and it will be neat to see how it spreads for next year.  There is this other stuff that is lower growing than the blue stuff and its fun to tuck around the yard too.  It has more of a lemony limey colour to it.  You can see just a few of the leaves of it in the bottom of one of the blue flower pics.  Then there are the wild violets that I’ve been tucking in the grass too.  I didn’t know there was a lighter blue type so just saw that one this spring but there seem to be plenty of the dark ones.  I love to see all the stuff a lot of people call weeds blooming in the yard its all so beautiful, even the dandilions. 

    There are several things that will be coming up thru the mulch later so this is the before pic and then I’ll take one later in the season to show what comes up.  The green things in front of the azaleas are daisys.  The were on one side of the walkway and had gotten all crowded so this spring I just dug them up and divided them and now they are on both sides of the walkway.  It’s kinda like exterior decorating with plants.  They grow and divided and multiply and ya get more plants and get to move em around and spread the colour around.  Thats my kinda gardenin.  The plants still waiting to get planted are cosmos, marigolds two poppies and some bush beans. 

    So there you have it for garden news.  Some crafting new later gaters laughing

April 18, 2013

  • I’m on the inside lookin out

    Yeah, they are going to redo my glasses.  After going back for the third time on this last visit the guy helping me got what I was talking about with my glasses.  After checking the markings on my glasses and then asking me all these questions he then held up a chart and asked me if I could see it.  I said well I can see it but its all fuzzy.  So he said just tilt your head back until you can see it clearly.  I tilted my head back till I could see it and he said, thats just unacceptable.  I told him if I had to I’d walk around like a pez dispenser but I just don’t think my neck could take it, LOL.  The whole middle range of the glasses was messed up I had to keep flippin my head back to see my everyday world and then I got a headache and was having nausea.  I did like they said and gave them a chance but I just couldn’t wear them for work and do my everyday living in them and thats what I bought them for.  So I’m glad they understood what I was talking about.  I would have been better off just keeping the old pair of glasses.  Anyway they are being redone and me so glad for that laughing

    In crafting news.  I’ve been toying with either revamping my blog or just doing a whole new one.  Anyway, If your familiar with Crafty Chica she has on line classes available for getting motivated and on how to have an awsome blog and networking etc.  So I signed up for her Get Motivated class and her husband has a paper cutting class too on there.  I used to do paper cutting so when I saw that I was so excited that he was offering that one too.  I love the Get Motivated class and Cathy has some really good tips from all her years of experience to share.  I’m going to take those classes and then take the How to Shine Online, Hot to make Crafty Cash, Brand Strategy for Bloggers and Publicity for Artists.  Cathy has a fun way of teaching and has a lot of experience and knowledge to share.  I’d definately recommend the classes.  I’ve just started the Get Motivated class and already I’m getting more organized and focused.  Cathy is like having a friend on line to help mentor and cheer you on.  Now lets just see how I’m going to prioritize project time with all this time I’ve been spending in the garden, Ha! laughing

April 9, 2013

  • Four Eyes – non knitting related

    So I finally saved up the money to get a new pair of glasses and went to get the eye exam where I usually go.  They have this eye glass place right next to them that makes glasses that I used before and wasn’t happy with the glasses.  The next time I took my perscription to Sams club and got my glasses made there and was soooooo happy with them.  This time when I was leaving the eye doctors this girl was in there from the eye glass place next door and we started chatting up each other and got along and she wanted to help me with a pair of glasses.  I told her I was going to Sams since that is where I got them before and was very happy with them.  So on my way out to the car I decided too go back in and see if they could do a pair of glasses for a comprible price then I wouldn’t have to drive out to Sams.  So I go back in and the same girl helps me and we come up with a similar price that Sams gave me.  I told her about how the glasses from Sams and how they had this wider field of vision and asked if I could get that in the glasses here.  She said yes, and gave me 20 % off then if was 30 % off and then if was 60 dollars more for the wider field of vision.  So I order the glasses, they come in and I pick them up.  I wear them around all day and they just arn’t right.  It’s like the middle field of vision is all wrong and too low and very limited like a pin hole and then I got to hold my head up to see anything like the computer screen or when I was shopping all the stuff looked like I was looking thru a fog and they just gave me a headache.  So later that day I go back and meet with the tech and tell her whats going on and she says well, that’s common for people to have headaches till they adjust to their perscription, you know you may have to move your head around to find the field of vision.  As I’m looking at her I realize that she is blurry and I tell her that is where I’m having the problem and she lifts the glasses up and says can you see me now and I said yes your a little clearer so then she goes back and makes an adjustment and puts them back on my face and sitting in front of me she says can you see me now and then slides back in her wheely chair.  I said you look clearer but my whole world is not on a wheely chair.  I shouldn’t have to do a Katherine Hepburn move with my neck everytime I go shopping while trying to look at this and that or maybe I should be wearing roller skates.  I mean give me a break.  The difference between these and the pair I got from Sams is like cottage cheese and cream cheese.  These are like lumpy and have spots of irregularity in them and the Sams version is smooth and clear and just better.  That isn’t what I thought I was paying for.  Supposedly I payed the 60 dollars more for a wider field of vision and frankly I could do just as well with a pair of readers from the dollars store compared to these. 

    I’m going to give them a couple days and see how they do but if they still have this type of crap going on with them then I’m just going to ask for my money back and go to Sams and get a pair.  Ever since I started wearing glasses and getting different pairs from different places I just found that the pair I got at Sams was soooo much better.  This isn’t an advertisement for them but maybe they just got it right the first time.  I think different places use different types of technology for whatever they are doing.  Anyway, there is a difference.  I hope this isn’t me getting particular in my golden years but they just arn’t the same and I don’t want to pay that much for a pair of glasses I’m not happy with, Humpf, and I am unamious in that : ) 

April 2, 2013

  • too funny!

    Ha, popped in to do my usual wondering around at B&N on sunday and wanted to check out BUST magazine.  I’m a big fan of Debbie Stoller author of The Stitch-N-Bitch books and noticed while on Creativebug that she is the editor (I believe) of bust magazine so I decided to give it a – look see.  The music was great and I just got caught up in a browsing time warp – lookin at this and that.  Anyway, I couldn’t find Bust mag in the sea of mags on the shelves so decided to ask one of the clerks.  Went to the help desk and this really tall gentleman was there so I asked, Do you carry the magazine Bust.  He Shot off to the magazine rack as quick as a shot saying, well we do but it may not be on the shelf.  So I trailed along after him.  He reached way up on the top and pushed aside the magazine called BITCH stunned (really) and there it was BUST, just as pretty as you please.  He then said, Ah, ya didn’t think to look behind BITCH to find BUST, with a chuckle.  Ha, too funny.  I like sales people that got a sense of humour laughing

February 25, 2013

  • EZ’s Maltese Hat

    Been under the weather lately with this flu/cold bug and have just been hibernating and knitting.  So decided to give the Elizabeth Zimmerman Maltese Hat a try.  What a fun knit it is for one.  EZ suggest a size 10 1/2 needle although she does recommend that the tight knitters ease up a bit on their tension, LOL.  I didn’t have the size 10 1/2 but did have size 10.  I got the 5 1/2 stitches to 2 inches for the gauge but I do have a big head so some adjusting will probably need to be made.  So this one is knit using a size 10 needle.  In knitting the deblth of the hat she suggest knitting 10 rounds or more if you want a deeper hat.  I ended up knitting for 20 rounds and still think I’ll have to knit more to fit my head stunned.  The area above the face is made by casting on 14 stitches and then joining in the round to knit the rest of the hat.  It’s being modeled by block head whos got a big noggin like myself.  Just a wee bit shy of 22 inches.  After knitting this hat I really like it but its too snug at the top for my liking.  So for it to fit me big gourd I tried using a number 11 needle and knitting loosly but it was working up HUGE.  So I think I’ll try it again in the size 10 needles and knit with a looser tension and also cast on 18 instead of 14 stitches giving 60 stitches instead of the 56 stithes in the pattern.  Hopefully that will give enough room for me mellon, Ha.  I might add just a few more rounds for the depth of the hat as well and then start with the decreasing for the top.  Printed out a Michaels coupon for 50 % off one item and I may venture out to see if I can find some 10 1/2 double points which would probably solve the size issue for me but will still have to add extra rows for the depth of it.  The yarn used is called BAZINGA! by Plymouth Yarn.  Bought it a while back ago to try something out in it and its great for this hat.  Was thinking it might be fun to knit it up on really large circulars and then felt the hat and see what happens there.  The short row shaping on this hat is really neat how it goes to give the ear flaps.  EZ ROCKS!


February 20, 2013

  • Yay, Marbling

    Check this out.  Ha, what are the odds of this.  On the left are these big ole marshmellows that I got for my mom for valentines day from Stellas across the street from where I work.  Then on the right is the inside of the journal I treated myself to over the holidays.  Ha, they both are marbled and look similar.  It’s the simple things in life that give ya a kick, RIGHT!  Those marshmellows were the bomb.  I love marshmellows and have always wanted to make them but haven’t yet.  Thats on my bucket list.  But when I found out Stella was making them I’ve been getting them in the hot chocolate they make then they top if off with one of their homemade marshies.   Dang heart hot chocolate love.  Marioosh, makes the best hot chocolate and one time he made one with dark chocolate and cherry and one time with lavendar essence.  When I’m needing a pick me up I’ll go over there and take my knitting and get me a hot chocolate.  Went over there on Valentines day and saw Stella had made these marbled marshmellows and had to get em for my mom.  My mom was nice enought to share, LOL.  Sooooo yummy and the marbled darker part was like coco flavoured.  Also, got her some handmade whoopie pie macaroon things that were sooo goood they got eaten before a pic was taken.  I don’t eat this sort of thing that often but ya gotta treat yourself sometime, right.  Anyway, I probably look like some sort of goofball when I go in there and stand in front of the display case all googly eyed like the kids in the movie Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  I’m starting to feel sorta like my grandparents used to sound because I just don’t really go anywhere much anymore.  But when I do its out to Stellas cause its right across the street.  I’m older now and not like these youngins out and about tryin to meet another yougin, LOL.  Although I am single and wouldn’t mind meeting someone.  I’m older now and just feel outta the loop or something.  Anyway when I do get out to the coffee shope or where ever I notice all these people are in the same room and just starting down at their computers or I phones and its just weird to me.  No ones really talking to each other.  Does anyone relax any more, LOL.  Anyway, maybe its me I’m getting older and things arn’t like they used to be so I gotta get a hitch in my git along and get with the program.  Maybe I should start with getting some sort of upgrade to my phone.  A droid or something.  Ha, I got this flip phone that I’ve had for years and I like it.  Went to Joann’s the other day and had to show the guy my phone to give him the coupon number on it and he said, Woooooo, I haven’t seen one of those phones in a long time.  LOL, way tooo funny because he couldn’t have been more than 21 or so and it just made me laugh.  I miss the days when I would come home and sit and relax and have a conversation on (my plugged into the wall phone), LOL.  I’d actually sit and relax.  Now the phone rings where ever and whenever you are and people expect you to answer it no matter what your doing.  I called you, why didn’t you answer.  Well, I was in the middle of cutting my toe nails, visiting the necessary room, or busy making a left hand turn ya know, LOL.  Thats why I love my electronic secretary as I call her.  The answering service that takes the messages and then gives ya a ding letting ya know there is a message or text.  I’ve just trained myself not to go to it everytime it makes a noise, LOL. 


February 19, 2013

  • Wee Wearables

    Here’s the second wee wearable thats come off the needles.  This is really fun to make and you just knit it on a circular and when it comes off the needles its done.  The first one I made was for my great neice and it was pink.  Ha, it was actually finished in time for her to wear it.  She has plenty of growing room for it but I’m sure she’ll be too big for it soon.  Then I had this multi coloured red/pink/white cotton yarn and thought, hmmmmmm.  So here it is and it came out really nice, I think.  Now I just want to make more and more.  I bet the local hospital or shelter could use these.  I bought some yarn from Purl and they had this pattern that you got free with it.  The pattern is called ONE.  Since you got one circular needle one button hole and ya just knit and its done.  Now I’m thinking of trying one in yellow and binding off in a picot bind off at the sleeve and hem edges.  Wouldn’t that be fun.  Now I gotta figure out how to make a wee tam to go with it.  Ha, the ideas one comes up with.  Have a great week everyone laughing